The story behind My Mission Journey…

Everything has a story. So does My Mission Journey. STM Toolbox began serving churches, schools and mission organizations in 2010. We realized that so many resources for doing short term mission with excellence were available. We also realized that your average trip leader wasn’t using most of those tools.

STM Toolbox began with the express intention of getting those tools into the hands of people who could use them. We vetted our ideas with over 200 audiences, received a lot of great feedback and revised the concepts. In particular, the field-based missionaries we spoke with lobbied for a service component that would coach a trip leader through the process of planning a mission trip. They felt this would be a significant asset to their field work to have an advocate stateside that laid out a path for the numerous logistics involved in short term mission.

For five years, we’ve been helping organizations around the country – always taking notes on what worked well and what did not. And always asking the question, “In a perfect world… what would be most helpful to you in planning excellent short term mission?” My Mission Journey is our attempt to provide a tool which offers as many of those wishlist items as possible.